Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Brace yourselves for this marathon of a blog post!

The long awaited results are in, folks!

Jerry impatiently checking his watch, wondering how much longer he has to wait to learn the results of the Pittsburgh Marathon!

Pittsburgh Marathon

Maura C ran her marathon debut in 2:54!

"It was a great marathon debut for Maura, who ran almost exactly even pace"
- Coach Jerry

It has been 6 months of hard training for Maura since transitioning to the marathon.  The GRC family is very proud of Maura and so thrilled to see all her hard work come together for her debut.

Broad Street Run

Back in the City of Brotherly Love, a handful of GRCers battled it out against the wind at the Broad Street run. Despite less than ideal conditions, Ben Franklin and the Quaker spirit helped all three GRC ladies along to PR's with outstanding results on the men's side as well.

Kyle can hardly contain his pride for the GRC ladies and their slew of PR's this weekend!


Outlaw  53:02

Greg  56:52

Kyle C  57:35

Maura L  59:11  PR, 5th GRC all time

Keely  64:09 PR

Greta  64:53 PR

Frederick Half

The Reichs decided to celebrate their friday night PR's with a well-earned lazy sunday.  Lazy sunday in the Reich household entails sleeping in past 5 AM and participating in the Frederick Half Marathon.  Naturally, Steph was the first woman to cross the finish line and second finisher overall, breaking the tape in 1:16:15

Here is a nice write-up in the Frederick News-Post about our dear Steph:

Hannah Inducted into the Vermont High School Sports Hall of Fame

Sorry Hannah, we couldn't let this accomplishment go unnoticed! Your ever-growing fan base would be more than disappointed.

Hannah Rowe spent a lovely weekend in Vermont centered around her induction into the Vermont High School Sports Hall of Fame. Her resume shined even among the impressive cast of Lakers players, Red Sox draftees, and lifelong coaches. In fact she was the youngest inductee, having been chosen during the very first year in which she was eligible. Admiring supporters from all aspects of her life were in attendance, and she delivered a powerful speech about how their support and advice allowed her to be so successful.

Special thanks to Phill and Bekele for tipping us off to Hannah's big accomplishment!

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