Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Weekend Recap (February 9 and 10): Millrose Games!

Millrose Games

We had a great day at the Millrose Games, with both of our A teams finishing a well-earned second place, and both of our B teams finishing sixth. Caroline led off for the A team in 3:40.3, which put us in the thick of the race. Alex ran a very strong 58.2 despite being impeded in the exchange zone, and when Jesse was done with her customary strong carry in 2:15.3, the race for second was down to us and NYAC. Gina got on the shoulder of her NYAC counterpart, who pushed the pace hard in an effort to shake Gina. That effort proved to be futile, as Gina stayed patient, and with 150 to go she unleashed a huge kick, finishing in an excellent 4:51.8, for a time of 11:45.79. Gina ran the fastest leg of the day by over 2 seconds, and it was the fastest anchor leg in GRC history. The B team ran so well that after extremely impressive legs from Jackie in 3:39.7 and Sarah C in 58.1, they were in second place, a step ahead of the A team. Angelina ran a solid 2:18.1, and Liz T anchored in a strong 5:07.5, for a time of 12:03.4. It's a testament to the depth of our women's track group that our B team was stride for stride with the A team for 2 legs.

Sam C got the men's A team started in 3:07.5, and handed off in third, just behind the leader. Alex ran an outstanding 51.1, and he moved us up to second. Daniel got the baton 1.4 seconds behind Garden State TC, and at the end of his excellent 1:53.5 leg, we were in a dead heat with Garden State and Penn. The Garden State anchor has broken 4 minutes, and after an extremely fast opening 400 Dan wisely let him go, and he and the Penn anchor were in a pitched battle for second for 7 laps. Dan made his move with 200 to go, and brought it home in an outstanding 4:09.3, which was a big PR. Our time of 10:01.45 was 1.5 seconds than our winning time last year, and thus is a club record. Max led off for the B team in a very impressive 3:08.6. Craig ran a strong 53.5, and handed off to Tom in 6th place. Tom went by the man in front of him in the first 100 meters, and ran the rest of his leg solo, finishing in a solid 2:00.8. Luk anchored in a strong 4:23.5 off of a very brief track-focused training cycle, for a time of 10:26.58.

112th NYRR Millrose Games Results

Women's Distance Medley Relay
2. GRC - 11:45.79
Caroline Smith (1200) - 3:40.3
Alex Morris (400) - 58.2
Jesse Carlin (800) - 2:15.3
Gina McNamara (1600) - 4:51.8

6. GRC - 12:03.57
Jackie Kasal (1200) - 3:39.7
Sarah Cook (400) - 58.1
Angelina Oputa (800) - 2:18.1
Liz Tawa (1600) - 5:07.5

Men's Distance Medley Relay
2. GRC - 10:01.45
Sam Chauvin (1200) - 3:07.5
Alex Hinton (400) - 51.1
Daniel Trettel (800) - 1:53.5
Dan Meteer (1600) - 4:09.3

6. GRC - 10:26.58
Max Pedrotti (1200) - 3:08.6
Craig Morgan (400) - 53.5
Tom Kelly (800) - 2:00.8
Lukasz Olenginski (1600) - 4:23.5

Love the Run You're With 5k

Closer to home, we had a sizeable crew at the Pacers Love the Run You're With 5k. Lars Benner made an impressive return to racing after a long injury layoff, placing second in 15:51, followed by David Wertz in 16:06, Charlie Ban in 16:25, and Dickson in 16:40. For the women, Natalie got the win in 18:01, which was a 12 second PR. Erin Melly was second in 18:28, followed by Rebekah Hernandez in 19:39, Chelsie Pennello in 19:43, Alexa Squirini, making her return to competition after a long injury layoff in 20:21, and Molly Applegate, who got stuck behind the walkers at the start, in 20:23.

Love the Run You're With Results

1. Natalie Patterson - 18:01
2. Erin Melly - 18:28
4. Rebekah Hernandez - 19:39
6. Chelsie Pennello - 19:43
8. Alexa Squirini - 20:21
9. Molly Applegate - 20:23

2. Lars Benner -15:51
5. David Wertz - 16:06
6. Charlie Ban - 16:25
7. Dickson Mercer - 16:40

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