Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Big City May Never Sleep, but Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Big City improves on his club record, runs 1:54.08, with Witters close behind in 1:54.37

The real story of the night is Jason Myers' 4:01.52 1500m, with New Sam (4:05.04) and Wertz (4:08.62) following.

Witty went for it in the 8, and paid the price late when he tied up with about 70 to go.  Big City reeled him in about 50 meters out and finished strong for a new club record. "Witty ran a very aggressive race and notched another solid PR, his second in the last 8 days," noted Coach Jerry "(while) Big City ran very even pace and looked great in the last 100."

"Jason had the breakthrough he's been waiting for all season. His workouts have been great, and this PR was well-earned.  Wertz not only ran a 1500 PR, he ran an 800 PR on route (2:09).  Dave also ran PRs this spring at 5k, 10k, and 10 miles, so we'll call that a successful season for him."

Danielle ran a 72 last lap, dominating the alumni mile, without having the benefit of a warmup. 

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Big City said...

I think both Witty and I run 1:52 or faster for 800 next season!