Thursday, May 24, 2012

Saturday Workout

Sam and I are meeting at Riley's Lock Saturday at 8:00am for a workout. We'll be running a 6 mile tempo (at just faster than 13.1 mile pace - for me, that's starting at 5:15 and working down to 5:05. For Sam, that's a bit faster) starting at Mile Marker 23 (about 200m north of Riley's Lock opposite the swamp) and ending at Mile Marker 17 (just north of Swain's Lock)

We'll meet at the Riley's Lock parking lot at 8am sharp (it's going to get hot!), run 2 mile warm-up (ie - the first two mile loop that we usually run when doing any Riley's Loop), grab one more blast of water/Gatorade from car and hit restrooms then begin the workout shortly thereafter.

As noted, we'll end our workout just north of Swains Lock, but will continue the extra quarter mile south to quench our thirst on pre-deposited thirst quenchers. Then we'll run the 6+ miles back to Riley's Lock. All told the mileage will be about 14, 6 of it hard.

Comment if you're interested in joining for part or all. Naturally, there's a few different scenarios one could do, if they were so inclined...

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