Saturday, May 19, 2012

Taking Their Talents to Cleveland

Fancy Lad Charles Ban is dressed for success in the Midwest this weekend.

Charlie, or Sir Charles, as he is known in some circles, will be joined by Drea Garvue and Beth Young, who returns to her native Ohio, to vie top honors in the Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon. Temperatures are scheduled to be warm, but the heat has not afflicted the steely resolve of these GRCers.

Also ready to do battle with the sun will be Dickson Mercer. After wisely saving himself from certain doom in Boston, Dickson returns to the marathon for redemption in Cleveland.

Both races are scheduled to start at 7:00 AM, Sunday morning.


Breezy said...
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Breezy said...

GRC harriers placed well today at the Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon. Garvue (1:22:12) and Young (1:24:13) finished third and fourth, respectively. Garvue covered the leaders' surges early on and nearly overcame the second place finisher. Young found a second wind during the last two miles and overtook at least three runners in the final 1200 meters. Ban (1:13:13) went out hard and was in the lead after 400 meters, going through 10k in 34:01. This reporter confirms that it was a steamer today in Cleveland, with temps on the pavement in the low 70s. PRs were not possible today, but these runners competed hard.

Breezy said...

"Dandy Charlie" Ban finished fourth.