Wednesday, May 15, 2013

GRC takes on ACLI Capital Challenge

Dave Burnham, of Regulators on the Run (mount up!) edged Paul Balmer of Red, White and Blumenauer for third place at the ACLI Captial Challenge this morning in Anacostia Park.


1 Patrick Fernandez     Coast Guard Washington...Running Soon!   14:44 
2 Brandon Cherry        Regulators on the Run                    14:47 
3 David Burnham         Regulators on the Run                    14:53 
4 Paul Balmer           Red, White & Blumenauer                  15:14 
5 John Zimmerman        Navy's Global Force for Speed            16:01 
6 Matthew Thomas        Navy's Global Force for Speed            16:05 
7 Stephen Kartalia      Regulators on the Run                    16:13 
8 George McArdle        Cut and Run                              16:19 
9 Brady Levander        Navy's Global Force for Speed            16:21 
10 James Donahue        The Grassely Panthers                   16:29 

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Sam L said...

Dave! No smiling!