Monday, May 13, 2013

Four GRC Men PR at Widener!


Breakthrough races for Witty, Fridge, Wertz and Sebi at the SWAT Final Qualifying Meet at Widener University.

Witty - 14:31 - a 9-second PR!  
Fridge - 15:06 - a 19-second PR!
Sebi - 15:10 - a 20-second PR!
Wertz - 15:16 - a 14-second PR! 

Perspective and commentary from Coach Jerry Alexander: 

"Witty overcame so much this season.  He could easily have quit after Princeton, but he hung tough, and reaped the reward.  Wertz was great.  Fridge ran very tough and was on sub 15 pace for 4k.  Sebi looked like he was dropped with 2 to go but not only rallied, he unleashed a huge kick for the win.  There was huge celebration after each race.  Those guys were fired up, and we will be able to build off of those performances in a big way going forward.  Seeing the young guys step it up was huge.  Between Fridge, Sebi, and Young Paul, we have a core of next generation A groupers in the making."

Witty's 14:31 was the top 5,000m time run this season by a GRC athlete and moves him to 4th all time on the GRC 5,000m leaderboard:

1. Kyle Smits - 14:09.69 - Stanford 2003
2. Sam Luff - 14:15.20 - Larry Ellis Invite Princeton 2011
3. Karl Dusen - 14:30.34 - Swarthmore Last Chance Meet 2011 

4. Ryan Witters - 14:31.00 - Swarthmore Final Qualifier - 2013
5. Joe Wiegner - 14:35 - Swarthmore Last Chance Meet 2011


Men's 5,000m HEAT ONE
Ryan Witters - 14:31 (4:40, 9:21) PR!

Men's 5,000m HEAT TWO
Matt Hassett - 15:06 (4:48)
Jerry Greenlaw - 15:18 (4:47)

Men's 5,000m HEAT THREE
Sebi Devlin-Foltz - 15:10 (4:50, 9:42) winner of heat
David Wertz - 15:16 (4:50, 9:41)

Women's 5,000m
Catherine Campbell - 17:43 (5:34, 11:13)

Men's 1500m
Tom Kelly - 4:10

Women's 1500m
Meghan Lockett - 4:42


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KLIM said...

I'll now take off my "reporter" hat and put on my "analyst" hat...

In thinking about these results this morning, it's hard to note who had the best race of the night, which is a great problem to have. There were truly 4 remarkable performances on the men's side:

Wertz - who is now 57 years old, ran a 14-second PR.

Sebi - was racing almost a minute slower earlier this year. A 20-second PR!

Hassett - a solid breakthrough and 19-sec PR!

Witty - who is probably already into his 5th hour of work this morning, finally turned around and ran a significant (10-sec) PR.

Wiggy and I traded emails this morning lamenting the fact we weren't there with you. #next year.

Great racing boys!