Sunday, February 23, 2014

GRC Wins MD RRCA Under 40 Team Competition, Franklin wins Princeton 3k

Mike Franklin ran 8:26.7 for the 3k win this afternoon in Princeton, the 3rd best time in GRC history.

Meanwhile, in Columbia, Maryland, the GRC men took home two trophies in their first appearance at the touted RRCA Club Challenge 10 Miler: Men's Individual Winner (Luke Meyer in 52:18) and Men's Under 40 Team.  The GRC men dominated the top 12 with 7 runners but needed 9 scorers for the Men's Overall Team title, falling to Falls Road by a single point.


2 GTRC Tot Pts 129
1 Meyer, Lucas M30 GTRC 52:18.72 Scorer
4 Balmer, Paul M24 GTRC 54:06.76 Scorer
8 Jurkovich, Evan M28 GTRC 54:44.96 Scorer
9 Ban, Charlie M31 GTRC 55:05.96 Scorer
10 Greenlaw, Jerry M26 GTRC 56:12.97 Scorer
11 Murphy, Patrick M29 GTRC 56:37.47 Scorer
12 Mercer, Dickson M32 GTRC 56:37.48 Scorer
19 Curley, Lavar M33 GTRC 57:32.71 Scorer
55 Young, Brian M35 GTRC 01:01:09.51 Scorer
68 Koonce, Scott M42 GTRC 01:01:51.21 Displacer


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