Sunday, September 28, 2014

McNab nabs First Place at Clarendon Day 10K

Three GRC runners broke into the top ten yesterday afternoon at the Clarendon Day 10K.

1.  Kevin McNab (30:37)
4.  Matt Rand (32:11)
8.  Sean O'Leary (32:45)

On this Rosh Hashanah weekend, David Wertz, who nearly missed a PR, and Lashaun Smith, who ran his best race since a serious car accident, started the new year off right and made formidable cases for Coach Jerry's highly coveted "GRC Mazel Tov of the Week." Notably, Tom Kelly schlepped home a 45-second PR, which also put him in the running. 

2.  Michael Franklin (14:52)
6.  Dave Wertz (15:19)
6.  Susan Hendrick (18:27)
7.  James Frick (15:30)
8.  Tom Kelley (15:31)
10.  The Fridge (16:04)
19.  Lashaun Smith (16:49)

Cheers to Pacers Events for putting on this race, which all agree was truly a mitzvah.

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