Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wednesday workout, October 1

Duly inspired by Brian "Baruch" Young, I wish a happy and healthy 5775 to all. Shana Tovah!


We had some excellent performances from the men on Saturday at Clarendon Day, led by Kevin's dominating victory in the 10k in a solo 30:37.  Kevin's win was even more impressive given the fact that he was still feeling the affects of winning a hilly 10k in Baltimore 6 days earlier, so Kevin wins the coveted shtarka of the week award.  Also in the 10k we had strong performances from Matt Rand, who ran 32:11, and Sean O'Leary, in 32:45.  In the 5k, Mike celebrated the new year with a solid 14:52, and he undoubtedly would have run faster if he hadn't had that last piece of kishka at Rosh Hashanna dinner the night before.  Bless him, that boychick can eat!  Dave Wertz ran an excellent 15:19, a road PR, followed by James in a very solid 15:30.  The two most noteworthy performances in the 5k, however, came from two of our track specialists, Tom and Shaun, who ran 15:31 and 16:49, respectively.  Three weeks ago, Tom's PR was 16:14, and in two races he has improved by a remarkable 43 seconds.  Shaun is still in the early stages of his comeback from serious injuries he incurred in a car accident in 2012, and this performance was a big step in the right direction.  In non-Clarendon news, we had an excellent performance from Sebi, another athlete on the comeback trail, who won the Freedom 5k in 16:40.  Sebi's recovery from hip surgery is coming along well, and he's looking to be back to full strength in 2015.  Abi gezunt, Sebi!

We also had strong performances this weekend from Susan and Sarah.  Susan ran a very controlled 18:27 at Clarendon Day, and Sarah won the West Chester Stomps Cancer 5k in 18:45.  Susan is in excellent early season shape, and we're going to see more strong results from her this fall.  Sarah is well on her way to returning to full fitness, and she will continue to improve every week.  

Ed. Note: Self-deprecating update from Coach Jerry, also this link may be helpful for my fellow goy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_English_words_of_Yiddish_origin

I've earned the dreaded schmendrick of the week award by omitting Maura's 36:47 at the Pittsburgh Great Race 10k.  Maura has run some solid early season performances, and we're going to see some PRs from her later this season, starting at Army.


Much to the disappointment of my Yiddisha mama, I'm not a doctor, but my lack of medical training notwithstanding, I strongly recommend that you all get flu shots in the near future.  A flu shot now could go a long way towards keeping you healthy this winter, thereby eliminating unwanted breaks in your training.  I know that a nice matzo ball soup can work wonders when you're under the weather, but let's try to eliminate the need for resorting to such drastic measures by not getting sick in the first place. 


We're at BCC this week for our normal 7:15 start, so meet for the warmup at 6:30.

I'll send the women's workout separately.

See you Wednesday at BCC.


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