Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Power of No Negative Self Talk

Teal has a great blog. Any of her posts would be worth cross-posting here.

But I think her latest post, in which she recaps her Army Ten-Miler experience, is a particularly good one: not just because she averaged faster than her 5k PR and set a 10k PR on the way to a new personal best for TEN miles ... but because it really exemplifies the power of persistence and positive thinking - or, as Teal puts it, No Negative Self Talk.

"Anytime I thought I couldn’t do this, couldn’t keep this pace, couldn’t keep running, I would just bat it away. Bury that thought somewhere else. Because most of the time when you think that, you are still doing it: still running, still keeping the pace. Often, it’s only after you tell yourself you can’t that it becomes true."

Read it, kids.


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