Tuesday, September 22, 2015

TUESDAY workout, September 22


We got the season started in earnest with some very strong performances at the Navy 5 Miler and Half Marathon. The performance of the day came from Stewart, who won the 5 mile in 25:14, which was a 25 second PR. Stewart is in the best shape of his life, and he's going to keep the PR train rolling in the coming weeks. Also in the 5 mile, Luke was second in 25:22, Sam was third in 25:31, Cabell was fourth in 25:59, Tex Paul was seventh in 26:13, Balmer was eighth in 26:19, Outlaw was ninth in 26:29, and Dave O was eleventh in 27:41. I was particularly pleased with Sam's solid run as he continues to return to form after injury, and Cabell's very comfortable effort as he begins the encore to his huge breakthrough season in the spring.

The women were led by Hannah, who was second in 29:38, followed by Frances Loeb in third in 29:44, Kerry in fifth in 31:18, Keely in eighth in 32:18, and Mary Grace in 34:25. Rumor has it that Beth also ran, but since she isn't in the results, perhaps I just imagined seeing her run in the 31:30 range. Frances and Keely made their GRC debuts, and they both showed why they are going to be great additions to the team. Frances had an outstanding career at Johns Hopkins, where she was a 6-time All-American, and by the end of the spring I would not be surprised if the name Frances occupies the top 2 spots on the GRC all-time list in every distance on the track. Keely will be a major contributor to our marathon and road groups, and she has a bright future ahead in GRC blue.

In the half, Chris ran a very nice PR of 1:14:21. Chris has shown tremendous potential for improvement in his short time with GRC, and we're going to see many more PRs from him in the future. Kieran ran a very controlled 1:10:19 for second, and our fall marathon crew of Pat, Dickson, and Fridge used the race as a workout, finishing in 1:13:23, 1:17:29, and 1:17:58, respectively. They're all training well, and we're going to see breakthrough performances from them in the coming weeks.


Mary Grace learned of an event in honor of Nina that will take place at Bicycle Space on September 28, which is next Monday, and it would be great if we have a strong GRC presence. This is the invitation to the event:

Please join us on Sept 28 at 7:30 for yoga in the Adams Morgan shop. This will be a special class, held in honor of Nina Brekelmans, who took classes with us at our 7th Street location, and perished in a fire in June in Dupont. She was a remarkable and accomplished woman, and we miss her spirit in class. More information on her here: https://ccas.georgetown.edu/brekelmans-scholarship-fund. BicycleSpace yoga classes are offered on a "give what you can" basis, and all proceeds raised over the summer will be donated to Nina's memorial scholarship fund on September 28. We will teach our regular "all levels vinyasa flow" class, followed by the donation of the funds to the representatives of the scholarship fund. Anyone who wishes to remember or speak in her honor Nina is welcome. To join us for class, please arrive by 7:30. To join for the reception, please arrive at 8:30.


We're set for our normal 7:15 start on TUESDAY at BCC, so meet for the warmup at 6:30.

I'll send the women's workout separately.


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