Saturday, July 16, 2016

FLASH: TK Runs Another Summer Track Mile, Loses Track of How Many He's Done

Sources report from the DCRRC Mile Championships that Tom Kelly has completed yet another summer track race. When pressed by the media, Tom refused to disclose how many races he's run in the summer months for GRC over the past few years. The number is believed to be in the hundreds. He finished in 4:31.3 for 6th in predictably awful July weather conditions.
Photo c/o "Noodles"
Despite a relapse of a serious foot injury in January, our beloved TK has made yet another impressive comeback in a short period of time. Tonight's performance was preceded by a 2:03.1 800m on 6/28 and a 4:31.9 mile last weekend.

Eyewitnesses also report that there was a Charlie Ban sighting in the men's elite heat, but our staff is still trying to corroborate the scuttlebutt.
Photo c/o "Noodles"

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