Monday, December 5, 2016

12/3 weekend results - holiday races and the opening of track season

We had some very nice performances this weekend as we tune up for Clubs.

Frances and Liz got a jump on track season, with Frances winning the 5000 at the Navy Lid Lifter in 17:18, and Liz winning the 3000 at the F & M Diplomat Open in 10:22. Frances led from the gun and ran it as progression, closing in 37 for the last 200. Liz's performance was not only a huge PR, it was arguably the best race of her life, and she felt like she had some gas left in the tank, so that bodes extremely well for a good run at Clubs, and an excellent track season.

On the roads, the women dominated the Pacers Jingle All the Way 5k, with Amy getting the win in 17:26, followed by Kerry in second in 17:38, a 20 second PR, and Elena in third in 17:53. The course may well have been 9 or 10 seconds long, but whatever the actual distance, Kerry and Elena showed that they are ready to get after it at Clubs. Jesse made her GRC debut in 19:58, and while 5k is well outside of her comfort zone, there is no doubt that Jesse is going to be kicking butt and taking names when she gets on the track.

On the men's side, Dickson was 5th in 15:56, and Chris was 10th in 16:08.

In the inaugural Jingle 15k, Kieran decided a couple of days ahead of time to jump in for what we expected would be a solo tempo, but due to the presence of a professional Ethiopian, Kieran had some company on his way to second place in the very solid time of 47:55. Charlie was 4th in a strong 50:27.

Last but surely not least, those irrepressible Reichs won the Frederick Candy Cane Dash 5k, with Stewart running a solo 15:23, and Steph following him across the line in 17:14. They both ran the race as a progression, and Steph's 5:18 final mile is a sure sign that she is ready to do something special in Tallahassee.

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