Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Battle of Crystal City

The Battle of Crystal City from Tow Path on Vimeo.


2FNslo said...

That was pretty fantastic. Nice job everybody

KLIM said...


I do declare that Mr. Towpath used the same text/font from Ken Burns' CIVIL WAR and the music from GETTYSBURG and/or GODS & GENERALS.

Quite remarkable, I say. Quite.

Peter said...

Praise from Caesar is praise indeed!

P Murph said...

EPIC! You truly exceeded yourself with this one, Peter!

Thanks for showing me at the singluar moment I looked fast :)

PS - why are you posting things at 5:44am?

Diego said...

I dont know what you guys are gonna do when Peter starts compiting himself. Really pro stuff man congrats. My REAL come back to the tracks will be in a 800 in a few days, I will pay your ticket to Amsterdam if you bring your camera ;) will run for GRC as promissed. Greetings guys.

Peter said...

Thanks for the compliments guys. My mind just started going full throttle with ideas when I saw's Klim's "Invasion of NoVa" post. A race viewed through the lens of the civil war was a brilliant theme to work with.

Once I start racing this fall, I guess I'll have to get a intern to film the races.

And the reason I posted at 5:44am is cause I'm getting up real early to beat the heat. Feels nice to get 12 miles in before the sun is up.