Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ryan McGrath

He got hit by a car in New Jersey last week & is banged up pretty bad. Nothing life-threatening or hopefully career-ending, but he's got a laundry list of broken bones & torn joint issues (knee/shoulder).

Be careful out there. Here's to a fast recover to our good friend up north.


JARRIN said...

That is HORRIBLE news.

And precisely one of the reasons I all but gave up riding when I moved here.

Too many cars and too many negligent drivers driving them.

I wish Ryan the very best and quickest recovery.


Nietzche said...

Hopefully he did not break his funny bone. Get well soon dude.


RM said...

So I'm now in training for the World Crutch Championships to be held in Oslo in August. I was hoping for a little more preparation but we do the best we can with what we've got!

Thanks for the concern guys, it was certainly not the way I had hoped to close out my year but it's over and just have to move on. As most people are quick to remind, it could have been considerably worse - I'm actually surprised the 81 year old dude who hit me didn't have a heart attack.

But mad props to our tri brethren Matias and Lindsey - monster performances this weekend. I was really psyched to hear both those results!