Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Twilighter Logistics & Wed Workout

Tomorrow, Wednesday, a bunch of us are meeting at B-CC for 3-5 miles of speedwork at 6:30pm. We'll fine-tune the workout during the warm-up as some will likely go less/more per the race and their own needs/wants.

I suggest we meet HERE, at the invited runner room, on Saturday at 7:00pm. At the room we can get our bib number, ditch our bag, hydrate and then head out for a warm-up circa 7:45pm. The gun goes off at 8:45pm. There are a lot of runners and it gets a little confusing, so try and get to the room no later than 7:30 if you want to partake in the warm-up. Please wear the singlet and whatever other GRC garb you might have. I am going to run a sloooow cooldown just after the race before hitting up the Michelobe Ultra tent. Post-race gathering at Gordon-Biersch just a block or two from the finish.

FINAL (as far as I know) GRC ROSTER

Patrick Reaves
Jake Klim
Patrick Murphy
Nate Timm
Chris Sloane
Neal Hannan
Dirk de Heer
Billy Askey

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Matias said...

More details from good friend Brian Shea:

I spoke w/ him on Saturday morning & when he left the ER, they said nothing was broken. Long story short (& he can fill you in), he was back for a follow-up on Monday & after further analysis, quite a bit more than expected. It looked like he was putting together a good yr - really bummed for him. With that, when I spoke w/ him I said no matter what happened, it's 1000x better than all of us going to the McGrath funeral due to a run-in w/ a car.