Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weekend runs

SATURDAY (New Year's Eve)
Gtown store @ 10am.  Group is doing 9-11 miles.

SUNDAY (New Year's Day)
Option 1:  Coach Jerry will host a New Year's Day workout on Sunday at 1pm at BCCHS. Plan to meet for the warmup at 12:15.

Option 2:  Long run from The Line at 11am.  Enjoy sleeping in.

MONDAY (January 2nd)


P Murph said...

I'm in for Georgetown on Saturday.

KLIM said...

I am in for Gtown on Saturday.

Anyone want to run The Line on NYD? I know Jerry has a workout scheduled too, but I am going to run long.

P Murph said...

I'm in for the Line on Sunday as well. Maybe we can plan that for later in the day?

Charlie Ban said...

I plan to do 11 Saturday morning, Georgetown seems like a good place to me to start

Ancient Chinese Secret said...

I plan run MCRRC New Years Day 5K on Sunday morning, then run easy 6 or 7 miles afterward in Seneca Creek State Park.

Andy said...

I'm doing easy miles at BCC on Sunday, that's what I'm doing. Slow miles for a slow runner

KLIM said...

I got a GPS for Christmas so I am fascinated with splits these days. Here is how we progressed yesterday. I note this simply because it's a typical GRC Saturday run progression:

1 7:47
2 7:02
3 7:03
4 6:52
5 6:53
6 6:56
7 6:55
8 6:50
9 6:40
10 6:30

Happy New Year