Thursday, February 16, 2012

Look what's on sale!

Hello Men,

Let's start the campaign for old school sweats instead of fancy-pants, let's look like everyone else warm-ups.  The hoodies could be lettered just "GRC" with your choice of # under it.

"Brooks Sweat Pant pairs perfectly with Brooks Hooded Sweat Top for an old-school look—but with the added comfort, fit, and feel of technical performance fabrics."

Let your GRC board member know you're voting with the Sweatpants Party (or Jason will beat you up)!



RM said...

perfect for going to strip clubs in as well.

Andy said...

Can we get team beanies too??

P Murph said...

Dude, we're not buying pants of any kind! Whaddya think we're made of money? Just singlets and half-zips.

Karl D. said...

You mean hoodies and singlets, right?

Anonymous said...

To show my commitment to the cause, I will be racing the 3k time trial tomorrow in a matching Brooks sweatsuit.

And if this Sweatpants For All campaign is squashed by the higher ups, I've already started to craft a push for Snap-off pants.

Jerry Greenlaw said...

hoodies and singlets sounds great. we should get our name in script in the corner too like high schoolers