Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wednesday Workout

From Coach Jerry:

We had some excellent performances in the 3k Time Trial this weekend. Karl earned the win with a furious kick over the last 600, although Sam was not exactly fresh, having already run 2 x 2 mile. Hanson and Witty were right there with them in the lead pack. The story of the day, however, was Jason and Wertz breaking 9:00. Both of these guys have made amazing progress in the short period they’ve been working with GRC, to the point that results like this that would have been shocking a few months ago hardly seem noteworthy. Jason came back on Monday to run 4:30 for a road mile, thereby earning the coveted GRC Athlete of the Week award. Well done!

For the workout this week, everyone is going to go 2 x 2k, 4 x 1k. The A group will take 2:00 recovery on all of it, and go 75s on the first 2k, 73s on the second, then 71s, 70s, 69s, 68s on the 1ks. The B group will take 2:30 rest and go 77s on the first 2k, 75s on the second, then 73s, 72s, 71s, 70s on the 1ks.

Looking ahead, we have the big Boston group workout on Sunday. I’m planning on having a workout on Saturday for the women, and the non-Boston men. I’ll send full details later in the week.

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