Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sunday long run- 1pm at Burke Lake

This weekend we'll have lots of options for runs.  Use this post/comments to coordinate:


Option 1: Tempo workout at BCC with Jerry.  Warmup starts at 9:15, workout at 10.
Option 2: Shop Run?  Post if you're interested.  Perhaps the shop run could be at CC and run by the workout at BCC.


Option 1: Long Run at Burke Lake. 1 pm We'll meet in the parking lot near the marina:

Option 2: The Boston group will be doing one of Jerry's Famous long run workouts at BCC.  The workout is highly structured, so contact Jerry if you would like to join.

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Big City said...

Anyone else coming to the store run at CC? I'm looking to do 75 minutes since Saturday is my long day this week.