Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weekend Workouts

From Coach Jerry: 

We’ve got a big weekend of workouts ahead of us. On Saturday, we’ll have the women’s workout and the non-Boston men’s workout at 10 (so meet for the warmup at 9:15). I’ll send a separate email to the women with the details. Any men who want to come out on Saturday should give me a shout and we’ll get a plan together.

On Sunday, for the Boston men, we’ll have another highly-structured workout. We’ll get started precisely at 9, and then the drill will be as follows:

30 minute warmup off the track
change shoes
5 mile tempo at marathon goal pace (or slightly below)
change shoes
40 minute run off the track, approx 6:30-40 pace
change shoes
4 mile tempo progression
20 minute warm down

My back of the envelope calculation is that this will be about 22 miles total. Needless to say this is going to be a very challenging workout, so please take it light the next couple of days, particularly if you ran the workout last night.

Please remember that the shoe-change breaks should be as short as possible. This is not a continuous run, but you don’t want to be chit-chatting during the breaks either.

As we did last time, I’d like to keep as many of you together as possible on the tempo segments, so let’s have a group right around 5:55-6:00 on that first segment. For that group, the second segment will be something like 5:50-5:45-5:40-5:35. Dickson’s first segment will be around 5:30, and the second segment will be something like 5:25-5:20-5:15-5:10. We should have some A groupers jump in with Dickson for part or all of the workout as well.

I will meet you on the track, ready to go for the first tempo segment, at 9:30. My schedule Sunday is tight, so please get going on the warmup right at 9.

If you have any questions, let me know.

See you this weekend.


Chris said...

If anyone is interested, I am heading out to Edwards Ferry this Saturday to do a Duel Ferries 20 Miler. The pace will be brisk-I will progress in pace throughout the run and probably average around +/- 6:00 pace. I am planning to start my run around 7:30 AM Saturday. Would love if anyone wants to join for at least part of the run! -Dark Side Runner Sloane

Charlie Ban said...

You must have this confused with the PR blog.

KLIM said...

Is anyone running easy from the Store tomorrow?

Is anyone running long on Sunday?

I am not working out this weekend, aside from maybe a pick-up on my Sunday run.

Ancient Chinese Secret said...
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Ancient Chinese Secret said...

RRCA Ten is on Sunday morning and it is free for mcrrc member. Maybe you can do that as fun-long-run.

Dickson Mercer said...

Everyone doing the Sunday workout. FYI: I will start warming up at 8:45, but will swing by parking lot at 9.