Saturday, June 2, 2012

FLASH: Order restored to Washington Running Scene

UPDATE:  Klim kompletes 20 mile "Dueling Ferries" course in 1:59:03, wresting the course record from He Who Shall Not Be Named and returning it to it's rightful place with the GRC. 

I am running "Duel Ferries" (sic) tomorrow at 8:30am. As most of you know, "Duel Ferries" is a ten mile loop run over natural terrain. I aim to run two loops and treat it as a progression run. CTR will be joining be for the second loop starting around 9:40am (getting there by 9:30am). If anyone wants to join for the first loop (8:30am) or the second (9:30am) let me know. I could use all the help I can get.

"Duel Ferries" starts at the intersection of Edward's Ferry Rd and River Rd in Poolesville.


KLIM said...

NOTE - I did not update my own post. However, I am happy to have taken one for the team and reclaimed the aforementioned "record".

Sloane aims to take said record back "this summer".

I implore those reading to take such threats seriously.

- The Red Fox

Charlie Ban said...

"Doubtful, Rube. Highly doubtful." -Bill Bowerman, as portrayed by R. Lee Ermey