Friday, November 30, 2012

Saturday Workout

From Coach Jerry:

What a great workout last night!  We had several PRs, and numerous near-PRs, on that last rep.  It is surely a sign that we are going to be ready to roll at Clubs when our athletes are so fit that they are able to run a very fast mile, off short rest, at the end of a workout.  I am getting more and more excited about our prospects in Lexington, and you should all be feeling as confident in your preparation as I am.

The penultimate (lawyers love using words like that) step on the road to race sharpness will be the workout at the cell tower field on Saturday.  It was nearly unanimous that a later start is preferable (and I agree--a little extra sleep is definitely a good thing at this point) so we'll get going at 10:30, meaning meet at 9:45 for the warmup.    

We'll be back to BCC on Tuesday for the final, short workout, and then it's game time.

I will send a detailed message to those of you who are making the trip about the logistics in the next couple of days.  The short version is that the bus will pick us up in Bethesda very close to the metro stop, and we'll get on the road at 6:30 Friday morning.  The metro will be a great way to get there, but if you want to drive, there will be a place to park.  More details will be forthcoming soon.

Until then, if you have any questions, give me a holler.

I'll see you Saturday for a 10:30 start.


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