Tuesday, November 13, 2012

To the Point

(C) Brian W. Knight/Swim Bike Run Photography

Outlaw ran his best race in more than a year to lead the GRC men at the Veterans Day 10k in 31:45.

 Luff followed in 31:41 and Witty in 31:59. Vike, Fridge and Noodles ran their first 10ks for the team in 32:08,  32:11 and 32:27. Wertz hit 32:45 and Dave O'Hara PRed in 32:58, reaching a sub-33 goal he had held for 16 years. Lavar ran his fasted 10k in over a decade at 34:16 and Scott cruised in at 36:27 to help pace Bitz, who ran 36:26 to lead the women, with Skittles (36:30) and Woodshed (36:34) close behind. Chatty Cathy (36:49) Susan (37:38) Teal (38:04) and LDO (38:05) followed, with Nina taking her leave of the race at somewhere around 5k, though the course lacked a marker.

Meanwhile, Murph breezed to his fourth consecutive MMRF Race for Research 5k.

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