Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekend Runs

Let's plan on a traditional "Shop Run" in Georgetown on Saturday morning at 9am since XC Practice will be on Sunday.  Post in the comments if you'll be there.

A few administrative notes from Coach Jerry:

1) If you're going to be in town over Thanksgiving and want to run the Alexandria Turkey Trot, let Coach Jerry know.

2) Please look at your bio and make sure your PRs are updated. When I request comps, the bios usually serve as your resume, so it's important that the PRs are accurate. Also, we want to update the photos to show off our new gear, so if your photo shows you in the old gear, please find a more recent photo. You can send any updates directly to Jimmy Daly via this helpful link on

3) We should be fine for practice at BCC on Wednesday 11/7, but there is still the possiblility of a conflict with a playoff game. I'll keep you updated.

4) Because of the heavy race schedule, there will not be practice next weekend. But we will be back at the cell tower field on November 17.

As for this week, we'll be at the cell tower field on Sunday moring for a 9:30 start, so plan to meet for the warmup at 8:45. As Clubs get closer, I want to ramp up the intensity of the grass workouts, so I'm going to get the watch out this week and time the reps. The men will do 4 x loop with a 3 minute rest. We'll run it as a progression, so the first loop will be x, the second loop will be x minus 5 seconds, the third loop will be x minus 10 seconds, and the fourth loop will be x minus 15 seconds.

The women will do 3 x loop, also with a 3 minute rest, also as a progression with a 5 second cutdown on each successive rep.