Friday, April 25, 2014

Mike F: "Reports of my DNF have been greatly exaggerated"

Despite results saying otherwise, Coach Jerry reports that Mike Franklin took the win last night in the Penn Relays Olympic Development 10k. "Mike not only finished, he finished ahead of everyone else", Alexander reports. "Mike ran a superb tactical race---the plan all along was to run with the leaders, and move with 1k to go, and he executed the plan to perfection. He could have run faster if the pace was more aggressive, but it was a race, not a time trial, and he did everything right."

Luke also ran extremely well, finishing second in his first track race in 3 years. He ran stride for stride with Mike from the gun, but his road-centric legs didn't quite have the gear over the final laps.

Unofficial splits for Mike:

5k- 14:53
8k- 23:46
10k- 29:30-29:31 (~61 last quarter)

Official Results:

Luke M - 10k - 29:45

Tina M - 5k - 17:46

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