Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday workout, April 23


It was a huge weekend for GRC, on the roads of Boston and on the track at Princeton.  
The lead story is the excellent performance in Boston by Julie, who despite missing a significant amount of training due to a persistent injury, and going into the race with very low expectations, ran 2:53:14, which was only 24 seconds off her big PR from last year.  Due to her injury Julie was not even close to being fully fit, and if she can run 2:53 off of a compromised training cycle, there's no telling what she can do when her training goes according to plan.  It was the other end of the spectrum for Kerry and Teal, both of whom had excellent training cycles, but who did not perform up to their expectations when the gun went off.  There will be plenty of time for analyzing the results later, but for now suffice to say that I'm extremely proud of both Kerry and Teal for doing the hard work necessary to put themselves in a position to succeed, and I'm certain they will have better days in the future.

The men in Boston were lead by Matt Rand's PR of 2:32:51.  Matt showed today that he has a world of potential, and we will be seeing much more from him in the months ahead.  Dickson and Murph were not so lucky, as their results were not what they were hoping for.  The marathon is a cruel event, and even with the perfect training that Dickson had the number of bad things that can happen during the course of the race is limited only by the imagination.  Dickson and Murph are experienced marathoners who are not going to let the race get the better of them, and there's no doubt they'll be back to settle the score next year. 

Not to be lost in the excitement of Boston were some outstanding performances at Princeton.  Cecilia ran yet another humongous PR, and this one was the most impressive of the bunch (at least so far), as she ran 2:04.82 for 800, a PR of 1.38 seconds, which is a major improvement at her level.  To put into context just how impressive this race was, Cecilia was only 1 second behind Ajee Wilson, who was ranked number three in the US in the 800 in 2013.  The way she's going, Cecilia will be a candidate for a top ten ranking herself this year, despite having almost no experience in the 800, running all of her workouts solo, and working full time.  We also had two very nice races in the 1500, as Hilary ran 4:37.4 for 4th in the unseeded section, and Witty ran 3:56.6 for 2nd in the unseeded section.  Hilary is improving by leaps and bounds each week, and with at least two more shots at the 1500 in a GRC jersey, she will have a real chance to not only lower her club record but also to run a PR before she heads back to California for business school.  Witty's race was slower than he wanted at 800 and he made a strong move to take the lead from there.  He ran an excellent last 400, and his race bodes very well for Penn this week, and beyond.  


We will be at BCC on Wednesday for our normal 7:15 start, but there will be track conflicts in the coming weeks, so be sure to pay close attention to the workout emails for times and locations.


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