Saturday, April 5, 2014

UPDATE: Meyer Sets GRC Club Record at Cherry Blossom, 7 GRC Men Under 53:00

UPDATE: In his debutante performance, GRC's Luke Meyer ran 48:45 for ten-miles this morning at Cherry Blossom, which was a club record by over 20-seconds. Meyer placed 10th in the US 10-mile championship and took home $200 for his trouble.

The GRC "sent" 7 runners under 53:00. 

Kieran ran even 5:03 pace throughout the race and recorded a personal best of 50:30, the 4th best performance by a GRC athlete.

Jerry Greenlaw (AKA "Outlaw") went out hard and never quit and covered the race in an impressive 51:44. Outlaw hit 5 miles in 25:40 then prayed. His prayers were answered. 

Evan Jurkovich, Paul Balmer and Jake Klim ran together for more than half of the race before the pack broke up just shy of 6 miles. 

In women's action, Lindsay O'Brien found her groove after what she referred to as a frustrating spring and broke 60-minutes.

According to preliminary results, both the men and women won their respective team competitions and, in turn, took home $1000 each.


Luke M. 48:45 
Kieran  50:30
Outlaw 51:44
Evan 52:09
Balmer  52:12
Klim 52:32
Wertz  52:46

Lindsay 59:53
Beth 1:00:40
Kerry 1:00:44
Maura 1:01:35
Julie 1:02:45

Earlier in the weekend, GRC hit the track:


Big City runs 1:56.1 for the 800m on Friday.


1500m - Witty runs a 3:56.79 for second in the unseeded section

800m: Cecilia - 2:06.20  PR, 4th place

3,000m: Susan 10:08.1 for  4th place, Hilary - 10:20, Tina - 10:28


1500m: Heather - 4:49 4th place

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