Thursday, April 24, 2014

Penn Relays Preview

Its the 120th anniversary of the Penn Relays this year, and the organizers have kindly set up a slew of GRC vs the World events at tonight's Distance Carnival to commemorate the momentous occasion.

Popping off for the GRC squad are Tina M. and Susan H. in the OD 5k. Former Quaker (in the athletic sense) Tina Morrison makes her return to Franklin Field at her new distance of choice. She ran on many a relay team during her time at Penn, but this is her Thursday night debut.

Next up is GRC fan favorite Ryan Witters in the 5k. After a string of solid 1500s, Witty looks to lower his 3.1 PR on Penn's big stage. Coach Jerry muses that "though this is Witty's third trip to Penn, he still gets the starry-eyed look of a small town boy hitting the big time."

Anchoring GRC home is the dynamic duo of Luke Meyer and Mike Franklin in the 10k.  This is Luke's first track race in 3 years, and Mike's first Penn Relays, so both are looking to do big things. The race is in no danger of becoming a traffic jam, but if conditions and pacing are right the 29 minute barrier could be in jeopardy.

We'll post results as they come in, and maybe some updates from the obligatory post-race Wawa trip.

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