Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekend Results: multiple PRs and one club record

Breuters Wire Services-

Results are trickeling in on this big week of racing. It turns out that horses are not the only creatures sending 'em this weekend.

Kehoe Twilight Meet

Women's 1500:
Susan Hendrick 4:43.28
Tina Morrison 4:53.79

Men's 1500:
Cabell Willis 3:55.82 (PR!)
Phil Royer 3:56.18
Stewart Reich 3:59.93
Paul Balmer 4:12.29

Men's 5000:
Otto Kingsted 15:23.70 (PR!)

Stanford Invitational
Frances Koons- 33:17. Club record for the 10k!

Broad Street 10m
LDO 59:21
Teal Burrell 59:24 PR!
Kristen Johnson 60:16
Maura Carroll 60:56 PR! (An impressive feat after an intense week of blogging).

Klim 52:25
Zak 57:19

Frederick half
Kieran 1:10:24. Send 'em!

Pittsburgh Half
Ban 1:10:10 PR! Quote: "Today's success is owing to the hard training," Ban may have said.

Orange County Half Marathon
Sean Barrett 1:07:50 5th OA!

GW Birthday 10K
Kevin McNabb 31:15 1st OA! (the latest in a string of victories in George Washington races)

Run for the Children 8K
Shaunnen 29:42 1st OA!

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