Saturday, January 30, 2016

GRC at the Terrepin Invitational

As Runner's World recognized recently, with help from some of GRC's bravest members, running conditions in the nation's capital have been far from prime lately. Today, in the hallowed halls of the Prince George's County Sports and Learning Complex, GRC's racers will luxuriate in ice-free footing, pleasant temperatures, calm air, and the ability to see around bends without walls of snow in the way. Some rust will be busted, some cobwebs will be dusted, and probably some other various things will happen that runners tend to colloquially declare when they haven't raced in a pretty long time. Don't fret, however! The GRC is prepared, as always, to both turn some heads and turn in some fast times as they take to the track for the first time in a long time.

Avid racer Frances Loeb was overheard divulging on Wednesday evening, under the deceptively protective shroud of night and the Wisconsin Avenue tunnel, that, although race expectations are low, she planned to don spikes for her 5k. You heard it here first, folks! Meanwhile, youngster Meghan Lockett, who will be debuting for the GRC, made sure to Amazon Prime some flats for delivery prior to her 3k race Saturday afternoon. This will be the first race for Mego in over two years, but she is pumped to tackle the oval and put an end to her race-less streak. Keeping her footwear selection to herself, Kerry Allen is approaching the 5k with even more unfamiliarity, never having raced on an indoor track, and never even having run a 5k on an outdoor track. While we all have the utmost of faith in her fitness and preparation, let us hope that her lap counter is paying attention!

There will be a lot of action and plenty of results for our analysts to pore over in this early season showcase! In addition to Frances and Kerry, the women's 5k lineup also includes Stephanie Reich, with Kyle Wagener and Luk Olenginski holding down the men's 5k race. Meghan and Chelsea Bollerman will race the 3k later in the afternoon.

Tune in throughout the day for times, commentary, and maybe a photo or two, if we're lucky!


Women's 5000

1. Frances Loeb 17:31.31
2. Stephanie Reich 17:46.22
7. Kerry Allen 18:28.79

Men's 5000

6. Kyle Wagener 15:45.95
7. Lukasz Olenginski 15:48.17

Women's 3000

17. Chelsea Bollerman 10:46.83 (won her heat!)

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