Saturday, November 5, 2016

Weekend Events: Apples and Bananas

This is a big weekend of racing for Pacers GRC. On Sunday, Kerry "the Banana" Allen will hit the streets of the Big Apple to contest the eighteenth running of the New York City Marathon. Temps look quite favorable for marathoning while winds will be breezier than optimal. "Kerry is in great shape and looking for a PR," says Coach Jerry Alexander. While the rigors of the NYC course and the likelihood of winds may take fast times off the table, this race will provide an excellent opportunity for Allen to get in there and beat as many other runners as possible. If she stick to her plan and runs her race, she is sure to be part of a small and select group of finishers.

GRC harriers will also traverse hill and dale at the USATF East Regional XC meet up in Philly this weekend. Our runners are looking to test their mettle on this challenging course against the Garden State Track Club, which is a formidable adversary.  The lineup for the men is Phil, Luke, Stewart, Michael P, Cabell. David M, Sean O, Kyle W, and Fridge.  Steph, Elena, Elyssa, Frances, Chelsea, Liz, and Lindsay B comprise the women's' team. Alexander is looking for big results from Phil, the defending men's champion, and Steph, who is on a hot streak.

Check back for results!

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