Friday, June 22, 2007


Scott and Steve,

I hope you do not mind, but I would like to change the meeting place to St. Johns high school in DC. it is right off of military road and is a short run from to trails in Rock Creek. I am meeting Jim Hage there. Steve, I can pick you up at the Starbucks at 8:30. Scott, if you are interested, I can send you directions via e-mail. of course, you can both blow me off and continue on with meeting at the store. Let me know, either way, via e-mail. M


Scott said...

Oh no, I don't mind you changing the meeting place from the location that is <1 mile from my house. Haha, anyways I will do my best to get there. Please call me at 703-300-HALT (703-300-4258) if there are any addendums to the run. I don't have the internet over the weekends. If you want, you can give a call in the morning and I will let you know for sure if I am coming. If I don't pick up, then I probably ran on my own.

smoney said...

Uh, OK, I guess. Don't pick me up. I invited a friend to meet us at the store. I will let him know of the change and get a ride from him.