Saturday, June 30, 2007


That was a great run this morning. Good group. Solid. We should offer that every saturday for all who want to join in the pain and joy. People can do whatever they want running wise. More about team running and getting the group together.

Just read an article on some runner from back in the day, Jerry Lindgren. Wacky---- If any of you want to run 350 miles in one week you can be like him. Check out the article.

Matt Ernst, you know deep down inside you are a die hard liberal who listens to Joan Baez in some secret place(its ok though as we all love you, still)


Dane said...

Thanks to all for setting the pace and for Melissa for pushing me today.

Matt Ernst said...

Great morning guys and gal....Max, In the quiet morning, with god on our side, through a simple twist of fate you can imagine a love song to a stranger if you will please come to Boston it would be a oh happy day.....Matt.