Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend News

First, Joe Wiegner (Wiggy) got married on Saturday...Holly, who also posts here, is the bride. Congrats!

Christiam PR'd in the 5k...running 16:52 at a race in CT. Kudos!

Scott and I watched Max "dance up a storm" at FELIX in Adams Morgan on Saturday night. Like those two curmudgeons who sit in the balcony in The Muppet Show, Scott and I cackled and poked fun...but at least he was out there!

Max disobeyed my strict orders by racing again on Sunday. I am trying to convince him to race less and get healthy. I guess chatting to others after at races is too appealing.

Melissa also raced on Sunday.

Jason Dwyer returned to town yesterday from way of Canada.

I ran for the first time on Thursday and ran both days this weekend. Feeling better every day but I lack the "inner" strength I had pre-marathon. I plan to take it easy this week and next, then see if I can ramp up again.

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