Saturday, June 9, 2007


After spending this previous week with my dearest mama in Boston as she recovers from Breast Cancer treatment(a real fight), i had no idea what to expect as i had done no running while in Beantown.

As usual though, i felt fine to do the run and offered to pace team-mate Susanna Kvashnicka so that she might win. Prior to the race, I met up with Scott Munro, Megan, Laura Turner, Matt Earnst and others. We were poised to run well as a team. At this stage of the game, i suppose I enjoy the team spirit and social aspects of the running scene more than anything. You get up early, a little hungover, perhaps, and then get your workout done before 9:00am. not bad.

We lined up and boom, the gun went off. I started off slow and then caught up with Susanna and this other young lady, who, at the time, was a mystery to me. We ran the first 5k in 17:20 and I pushed it a bit and kept moving. When I turned my shoulder it was not Susanna but this other woman, who I later found out is Vanessa Hunter. At the 5 mile mark Vanessa pushed ahead and Vanessa had opened up a bit of a lead. Alas, she is in great shape and pulled away for the victory. Susanna and I came in 30 seconds later.

All in good spirits as I found out Vanessa is also part of the G-town running company team.

It was blistering hot out there so I am happy to be done with it.

Noteworthy post race chatter: After the race I talked with two of the most prolific American Marathoners of the last 20 years, Kieth Dowling and John Tuttle. Kieth has run 2:13 for the marathon and was the first American at Boston a few years ago. Tuttle was on the 84 olympic marathon team and is one of the best Masters runners in the country. Both are really nice guys and have lots of wisdom to impart upon the youth.



KLIM said...


Thoughts with you and momma Lockwood...

christiam said...

I second Jake's comments, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom.

Matias said...

Nice job Munro. Glad to see you getting back into it.