Wednesday, June 6, 2007

OD 100

If anyone wwishes to read read a recap of my attempt at the 100 mile distance, click here. Or for a detailed course description (in case you ever wish to run this bad boy), click here .


KLIM said...

That sounds wicked Dane. You guys are a different breed of people...much respect for you.

I first was introduced to Ultra running via some people in my old running club back on Cape Cod. Their goal was to break 24 hrs for 100 miles (at vermont?) in order to secure a belt buckle!!

I shook my head in disbelief...but after doing a fair bit of hiking on the App Trail over the past 5 years, I've come to appreciate it more.

Good job...and good luck in China.

Scott said...

nice jersey

Dane said...


Scott said...

well, the singlet you are wearing on the race recap site

MAX said...

Dane, don't hurt yourself man. once you do, its over for a while. go for quality over quantity. take it from someone who has paid the price. you are not so old so as to feel it yet but in a year a two, the miles you are packing on will take their toll. alas, nobody listens. live and learn. are you running the great wall race in china?


Dane said...


Let's go State!


You assume I am running without fear of injury as if I am 18 and think I am invincible. Why do you think I stopped at 86 miles and did not continue? I really appreciate the concern. Thank you. But I am mindful of what I have in my body. I stopped at 86 because I knew I had a marathon in 2 weeks and there was no need to have two bad races in a row.

Although, as I said to you briefly in our run the other day, I am 6 months away in age from when my father was when he was crippled for life. While I will do so with an eye to the future, I will never stop seizing he day. Carpe everything!

Great Wall was in May. I am runing a much lesser known race in Dalian.

MAX said...

I agree in living life to the fullest but in my humble opinion, this means repecting the body and sport.

We all have trajedy hit our lives and I am not sure if this means we should just throw caution to the wind. Life and the world is strange. There is a war going on in Iraq where guys our age, older and or younger are dying so that we ultra marathons, have fun, etc???? I certainly do not know the answer but things are certainly wacky. Take care, stay healthy be humble and as you very well know, don't take life for granted----- M

Dane said...

I am in no way throwing caution to the wind. That is why I do not say "live each day like it is your last." Often, if you do so, it WILL be your last. I am saying seize the opportunities that are presented to you with has much fervor as you can but with your eyes on the future. Any soldier is giving his life so that we can do whatever it we want; be it ultramarathons, eating ice cream, picking their nose, what have you.

I have no desire to have non-working legs from overuse. I also want to wring every bit out of life that I can. And I will never do anything negatively to myself or the sport. I like myself too much. :)

Matias said...
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Matias said...

Great Dane, your words are inspirational. This past weekend, I finished my first half Ironman so can somewhat relate to what your body went through during the race. Since triathletes have the luxury of carrying and taping food to their bikes, I'm curious to know if aid stations along the course have bags of Gus and other sugary goodies (they must have water/gatorade), or you have to bring all food with you, or do you provide bags of food at the beginning of the race and the organizers drive out to the aid stations?

Interested in the nutritional logistics for a race of that length.

Dane said...

First and foremost, congrats on your achievement. You should be very proud.

I am hardly the authority on 100s (go to forgreat info) but in races of this size the assistance varies. At OD100, aid stations varied in size and what they carried. Mostly it was water and Succeed at every stop. Some larger ones included cookies and soda pop. At about 8 different points you could either be metby a crew or could leave bags that would be dropped at those points in rder to refuel yourself.

For a more detailed description of the course, head here:

Any further questions, feel free to email me: