Friday, October 23, 2009

Once A Runner

"I hope I do inspire some kids to give it a shot, even after college. If you have a desire and the will to put in the work, anything's possible. We need that in American distance running."

- American Brian Sell, who says he's 98% sure New York will be his final marathon. Brian, 31, talks about not breaking 10:00 for 2 miles in high school and ending up making the US Olympic team in the toughest OT marathon in American history in 2007.

EDITOR NOTE - I usually don't post about (intern)national running news, but this rings true for a number of us post-collegians. Sell was in my conference in college. He went from being an average college runner, to a very good college runner, to one of the best marathoners in the country. A true success story and proof our running careers don't end after college.

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