Friday, January 20, 2012

Update- Sunday workout cancelled

The GRC track team opened the season Saturday morning at the Terrapin Invitational, held at the Prince George's Sports and Learning Complex.

Drea Garvue, Jason Myers, Sam Luff and Ryan Witters will hit the 5k, with Luke Albertson and Sam Boimov making their GRC debuts in the same race. The women's 5k starts at 9 am with the men's heats starting at 9:30. The schedule is more a suggestion than a rule. Paul Guevara will run the mile (12:15ish) and Chuck Kacsur will take a few spins around the track in the 800 (scheduled for 1:45).

Weekend runs are as follows:
A shop run at 9 am Saturday.
A long run from The Line at 9 am Sunday.

Post a comment here if we should wait for you at The Line.

Luff FTW in 14:56
Luke Albertson: 15:03
Witty: 15:26
Sam Boimov: 15:44
Jason Myers: 15:45

Drea Garvue laps the women's field and wins in 17:50.

Prince George's Paul: 4:28; 2:02 double

Big City Chuck: 1:58

Liz Laseter: 4th in the 3000, 10:34 (20-sec PR!)

Full Results Here


Ancient Chinese Secret said...

Nice job everyone!

See you at the Line for a 16~17 miler at 08:59.

KLIM said...

Nice work men (and women)!