Thursday, January 12, 2012

MLK weekend running

Saturday: Outlaw is running 10-11 miles from the M Street store at 8 am, running at 8 a.m. on TRI and along the Potomac Heritage Trail.
Jerry will be at BCC for a 11 am track workout (warm up at 10:15), with options for tempo or intervals.

Sunday Outlaw start at 8 am at Belle Haven Park in Alexandria and do a long run with a pick up along the Mt. Vernon Trail.
Others will run from Difficult Run at 9, followed by pancakes and omlettes at Charlie's.
Comment if you want Outlaw to wait for you or to let Charlie know how much food to have ready. Bring your own champagne if you want a mimosa, Debonair Dave asked about that already.

Monday: Up for grabs, if anyone has a good idea.


RM said...

Apparently Mac Lethal is also the wunderkind behind

Ancient Chinese Secret said...

Difficult Run at 9 should be fun, but pancakes and omelets at CB afterward are Grand Slam!!!

TerribleTerry said...

I'm hoping to join the sunday run.