Monday, January 23, 2012

Wednesday 1/25 Workout

From Coach Jerry:

It was GRC domination at the Terp Invite on Saturday. Drea lapped the field (and lapped most of the field twice) on her way to a PR of 17:50 in the 5k. And in the 3k, Elizabeth ran a nice PR of 10:34. In the men's 5k, Sam ran an extremely controlled race/workout and won easily in 14:56. Luke from Connecticut was the beneficiary of Sam's even pacing as he ran a 16 second PR of 15:03 in his GRC debut. Sam Boimov also made his GRC debut, running a solid 15:44. We also had an excellent performance from Jason who ran 15:45 out of the slow heat. Although Jason got outkicked by a college kid who weighed at least 40 pounds less than him, Jason proved his worth by breaking up a fight in the parking lot after the meet. Tex Paul ran a solid double of 2:03 and 4:28.6, and Chuck ran 1:58.8 in his first competitive race in almost 9 months. Well done!

For the workout this week, the men will do 2 x 1.5 miles with a 4 minute rest, and 3 x 1200 with a 3 minute rest. The A group will do the 1.5 reps in 75s, then 74s, and the 12s in 73s, 72s, and 71s. The B group will do the 1.5 reps in 78s, then 77s, and the 12s in 75s, 74s, 73s.

The women will do 2 x mile, 4 x 800, with 3 minutes rest on all of it. The miles will be 5:50, 5:45, and the 8s will be 2:50, 2:46, 2:42, and 2:38. You'll notice that this bears a striking resemblance to the workout we did on January 11, and that is not accidental.

Finally, the weekend workout will be on SATURDAY at BCC, in the late morning or early afternoon. I'll figure out the details and let everyone know later in the week.
See you Wednesday at BCC

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