Saturday, March 9, 2013

UPDATE: Wiggy WIns in Baltimore!

Thirteen GRC runners will tow the line tomorrow to contest the women’s and men’s team competitions at the St. Patrick’s Day 8k.  The race starts from Freedom Plaza at 9 a.m. tomorrow and finishes along Pennsylvania.  You can find a course map here.  LDO, LTO, Catherine, Susan, Teal, and Avril are competing for the women’s team.  Luff, Outlaw, DaveO, Lavar, and Breezy are heading down to the National Mall to begin in earnest the spring road racing season, in addition to GRC debutantes Sebi and Paul B.  The team wishes to thank Pacers Events for putting on what promises to be a terrific race.


5.  O'Brien (28:43)
6.  Campbell (28:47)
9.  LTO (29:35)
10.  Hendrick (29:39)
12.  Teal (30:05) PR!
13.  Avril (30:30)

4.  Luff (24:48)
8.  Balmer (25:32) PR!
10.  Outlaw (25:41
13.  Sebi (25:52) PR!
17.  DaveO (26:19)
26.  Lavar (27:39)
38.  Young (28:38)


Myers- DNF (Hamstring)

Further up the BW Parkway, Joe Wiegner won St. Patrick's Day gold at the KELLY Shamrock 5k with a time of 15:14.

Fridge reportedly ran 15:40 for 4th and Karl 15:48 for 6th.

Saturday morning in Arlington, Kenny Rayner ran 22:16 for third place at the Four Courts Four Miler.


Andy said...

Joey was looking REAL good all alone out there on Pratt St.

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