Monday, November 10, 2014

Wednesday Workout, November 12


While we had some excellent results from our large crew at the Veterans Day 10k, the top performance of the weekend was Kieran's club record of 46:49 at the Stockade-athon 15k in Albany, on a hilly course. Kieran placed third in a deep field, and although he was disappointed that he was unable to respond to the winning move with a mile to go, he is extremely fit, and will be ready for some major PRs in the weeks to come. In other non-Vets day races, Phil ran a solo 19:23 for 4 miles at a race in Tulsa that offered the option of stopping for a beer halfway through. Whether Phil availed himself of that option, and how much faster he would have run if he hadn't, will remain a mystery. Closer to home, Outlaw ran a solo 1:12:01 on a very hilly course at the Battlefield Half in Winchester. Outlaw is making his marathon debut in Sacramento in 4 weeks, and he will be ready to make some noise. Finally, Susan won the Bay Bridge 10k in 38:35. The course was not conducive to running fast because, as the name suggests, the athletes crossed the Bay Bridge, which meant a major climb and extremely strong winds. Susan explained her reasons for running this challenging event to the media throng during her standing-room-only press conference, and this muckraking reporter is poised to launch a full investigation of the obviously suspicious claims she made regarding her background.

Our Vets Day crew was led by Mike in 31:42, followed closely by Matt Rand in a strong 31:43, and Stewart in a big PR of 31:54. In college, Stewart focused on the 1500, and for him to run so well in a distance that is outside of his comfort zone was a major step forward. Speaking of milers running PRs, Tom ran a huge one--his 32:29 is another big breakthrough in his epic fall season, and he will be a force to be reckoned with when he gets back on the track. Wertz, Balmer, and Sean O'Leary ran solid times of 32:23, 32:25, and 32:38, respectively, followed by Sebi in 33:17 and Dave O in 33:56. I was extremely pleased with Sebi's performance as he continues to make great progress in his recovery from hip surgery.


We're at BCC for a 7:15 start on Wednesday, so meet for the warmup at 6:30.


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