Friday, November 20, 2009



Meeting at Dean & Deluca, just a block or two from the 10:30am (approx)
3276 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Items on agenda include, but are not limited, to:
- 2010 Race Calendar with special focus on spring - Natl, Cherry, Boston, Broadstreet
- Summer and fall races - Chicago 2010?
- Creating a "captain" for each race GRC runs as a team
- Training more/working out as a team specifically for these goal races
- Saturday Store runs, or Saturday workouts
- Sunday long runs
- Wednesday workouts
- Other GRC weekly runs
- GRC Profiles ~ anyone want to start on these again/amend current profiles?
- GRC Race ~ putting on a road race with the help of the Store to benefit our run club/race team



Joe Wiggy said...

I picked up some work hours a North Bethesda Middle for a saturday event, working tomorrow from 8am-6pm. I was planning on being at the meeting but need the money right now. If you can fill me in via blog, email, phone or all the above, that would be great. Looking at your agenda:
1. Shamrock (March 21st)
Broad Street (Early May)
2. Summer: -USA Mtn running
-Rockville Twilight
3. I am in favor for GRC
Race Captains
4. I am heavily in favor of training more as a group/with same or similar race goals in mind.
5. I would be in favor of saturday workouts (some saturday store it is tough for me to get down there from Germantown, just to do an easy distance run...Workouts bring more motivation to drive).
6. Sunday Long runs are very important to have a group. I will make it out to most.
7. Wednesday Workouts are a must!
8. I can swing Mon, Wed and sundays for sure for GRC weekly runs.
9. I don't have a GRC profile but would like to see all the members have one.
10. GRC Race is a great idea. We could bring in so much for gear, travel, comps, etc.

Other: Everyone must be recruiting new people. All levels should be welcome and get some experienced runners who have experienced success recently in their running or have the potential for success with training in a group.

DM said...

Good stuff, Wiggy.

The meeting should be productive. In for National and Cherry; on the fence for Broad Street, need to think that over.

Like the idea of team captains, and Chicago.

I do think it would be good to get a second group quality workout in the mix. Maybe one person could organize it on Friday, another on Saturday, to give people more than one option. I could take charge of a Friday morning fartlek/tempo/hill workout in the District.

Peter said...

I will not be at the meeting but also strongly endorse the idea of quality workouts on Wednesday and Saturday.

KLIM said...

Good stuff. Thanks for the feedback. Joe I herby appoint you "Captain of the Shamrock Marathon Team"

Totally agree with recruiting more people. We need MORE bodies; MORE slow runners, MORE okay runners, MORE fast runners...the more we have, the better we'll ALL get.

PR said...

I won't be at the meeting, but you can count me in for both the Shamrock Half Marathon and Broad Street.

Chris Vames Sloane said...

Joe, I am also doing the Shamrock Marathon this year.
-Chris S.

Ancient Chinese Secret said...

I know I am not with you guys' team. However, I do like to run with y'all weekend long runs if it fit my schedule. However, I still not sure I will run Shamrock or National (or both) next year; but I will run Cherry for sure.