Thursday, November 26, 2009


Perhaps because I am an "old soul" so to speak, i have always seen action and behavior as a reason for something. What the something is, is perhaps a mystery or piece of info for a more tuned in brain to figure out. As for today, I woke up in the same bed I spent my youth in back in Cambridge, MA. As the morning broke, I looked out the window and saw neighbors who have stood the test of time and kept my old house company. I saw the same trees that i saw when i was 7 years old.

I got up and wandered about the house and then put on an old pair of Saucony shoes. These must have been 20 years old. Something I wore back in my early 20s to local dance clubs, perhaps. In any case, they were serviceable and somehow, still fit.

As I put them on, memories bounced into the brain of my early to mid 20s. Long before I really got into running I was an avid basketball player. I used to literally run from my house in Cambridge to Jamaica Plain or another neighboring town, to play in those courts. I would simply put on some shoes and jog three or four miles to a court where I would jump into pickup games with whoever happened to be there. I loved to play in the paint and though not tall, I enjoyed mixing it up down low. I used my running to give me more endurance on the court. After the games I would be exhausted but would manage to run or walk home.

As I ran along the river today, these memories and more popped into the head.

The parkway along the Charles is much improved than it was a few years ago. There is less trash and more wildlife.

Today, as I scuttled about, people were walking, jogging and just enjoying some fresh air and day off from the day to day routine they have become married to.

I enjoy the little moments like this more than ever and appreciate the fact that I can move the legs in order to make life and the day more enjoyable.

Happy Thanksgiving


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