Saturday, September 1, 2012

Flash: Klim, May lead GRC at Kentlands

Hilary May and Jake Klim lead GRC at Kentlands/Lakelands 5k.  Hilary Placed 3rd overall in the women's race.  Jake ran a strong second mile to move up and hold on in the final mile for 3rd place. Dave Wertz places 4th overall in return to racing and a great debut in front of his new baby girl!!!    Times/other GRC places to come when available...

11/501301Seife GeletuM30Washington Dc15:1415:144:55
21/29870Christopher SloaneM29North Potomac MD15:1615:154:55
32/501250Jake KlimM32Bethesda MD15:4915:485:06
41/74987David WertzM36Arlington VA15:5515:555:08
52/291303Mesfin AbebeM29Silver Spring MD16:1416:145:14
63/50640Dickson MercerM31Washington DC16:2816:275:18
73/291246Jr RobertsM25Alexandria VA16:3816:385:22
84/50636Brian McMahonM30Washington DC16:4016:405:22
94/29891Andy SovonickM26Gaithersburg MD16:4716:465:24
101/101236Jonathan EcheversM21Gaithersburg MD17:0217:015:29
203/821202Scott Koonce         M40Gaithersburg MD    17:4917:485:44

282/32552Meghan LockettF15Comus MD18:3018:295:57

302/251131Hilary MayF23Washington DC18:3718:365:59

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