Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Meet the Breuters

Brian Young, aka Breezy, a lawyer by trade, founder of Breuters News Service, and runner of 2:44:59 in yesterday's Boston Marathon, was quoted in both U.S. News and the Associated Press, proving he is an all-around master in the art of communications.

Pre-race, in U.S. News' "Your Body on the Boston Marathon," Breezy shared the inside scoop that to "run that course well, it's really a cerebral challenge." He also shared the details of his USADA-approved breakfast of champions.

AP reporters also tapped Breezy for their final quote in their race coverage.

"It had the same energy as it had when I last ran it in 2009," [Breezy] said standing near the finish line. "I don't think the crowds or the runners have missed a beat. It's always been about the competition and it's still going to be about the competition."

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