Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend recap

Photo by George Banker

The GRC traveled hither and yon for race upon race last weekend. In case you were living your life to the fullest instead of refreshing your browser, the following is a roundup of the weekend’s activities to get everyone back on the same page. No reader left behind!

Susan Hendrick won the Westminster Main Street Mile on Wednesday with a time of 4:51.03. She’d like to thank her husband Nathan for driving her all the way to the Maryland hinterlands without the use of his Uber fare meter, as well as her Beagle puppy, Delta, for being well-behaved and patient in her crate all evening.

Frances Koons won the Olympic Development section of the women's 5k at The Penn Relays on Thursday with a time of 16:27.84 to set a new club record and win a flashy new timepiece. While far from her 5k PR, Frances’ strong season debut and race smarts bode very well for faster times through the spring.

Photo courtesy of Penn Relays

Phil Royer and Matt Rand competed in the Olympic Development section of the men's 10k at Penn, running 30:34.91 for fourth place and 31:21.24 for eighth place, respectively. Matt’s race performance was hampered when he lost one of his shoes in the first lap and consequently also lost the pack of runners he wanted to stick with. He will work to utilize a double knot next time.

Cabell Willis had a strong final mile to run 14:41.69 for an almost 7 second PR and eighth place in the Olympic Development section of the men's 5k, and Dickson Mercer ran 15:32.85 for 33rd.

At Crystal City's final 5k Fridays race, Charlie “Tuneup” Ban ran 16:00 for second and Kyle Cooke clocked 16:33 for eighth.

In Alexandria at the George Washington Parkway 10 Mile on Sunday, Kevin McNab ran 50:28 for the win, the number four position on GRC's all-time list, and a solid PR for his first ever 10 mile race. Charlie "Double or Nothing" Ban raced for a second time in one weekend and secured third place with a run of 54:41. Shauneen Werlinger ran very well to finish in second place in a time of 60:10, a PR.

Photo by George Banker

Also on Sunday, a few miles north in Maryland, GRC's cohort of Pike's Peek runners faced a new course layout, which they found to be slower than the excessively downhill design of previous years. Still, the GRC was undeterred and able to achieve a strong showing. Luke Meyer led the way with a time of 30:33, good for third place. Jake Klim was sixth in 31:51, Dave Wertz and Sean O'Leary finished seconds apart in eighth and ninth place, respectively, with times of 32:01 and 32:03, and Pat Kuhlmann set a PR of 32:34 with a 14th place run. For additional reading, the GRC's Red Fox and other Redhead have both written thorough reports of the race which are full of insight and wit. Be it known that excellence in blogging here at the GRC is strongly correlated with red hair.

Photo by Cheryl Young

Last but not least, in her hometown of Toledo, Ohio, elusive jetsetter Beth Young decided to forego a long run in order to enter the Glass City Half Marathon. Her workout effort of 1:24:29 was good for 13th place.

Stay tuned for another weekend brimming with races near and far. Highlights include GRC’s speedier set taking to the track at the Maryland Twilight meet on Friday evening in College Park, and the distance-oriented crew heading to Philadelphia for the 10 mile Broad Street Run on Sunday. A preview will arrive in the next few days!


Westminster Main Street Mile:

1. Susan Hendrick 4:51.03

The Penn Relays, Olympic Development 5k:

8. Cabell Willis 14:41.69 (PR!)
33. Dickson Mercer 15:32.85

1. Frances Koons 16:27.84

The Penn Relays, Olympic Development 10k:

4. Phil Royer 30:34.91
8. Matt Rand 31:21.24

Crystal City 5k:

2. Charlie Ban 16:00
8. Kyle Cooke 16:33

George Washington Parkway 10 Mile:

1. Kevin McNab 50:28 (PR!)
3. Charlie Ban 54:41

2. Shauneen Werlinger 60:10 (PR!)

Pike's Peek 10k:

3. Luke Meyer 30:33
6. Jake Klim 31:51
8. Dave Wertz 32:01
9. Sean O'Leary 32:03
14. Patrick Kuhlmann 32:34 (PR!)

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