Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am not sure if any of you can remember or know of the BLOND guy that walks the streets of DC and MD. There is this gentleman who has the blond locks of a Nordic viking who walks 24/7 around these parts. I saw him twice today and millions of times over the years.

I call him BLOND MAN. I have seen him on the trails of Rock Creek Park and later on the Mt Vernon Trail by the Potomac in the same day.

Anyhow, I have never spoken to him but simply acknowledge him as a DC fitness guru who walks and walks and keeps walking.


MIGHTY BERT will be at the St. Patrick's day race. Can anyone take him down?


Unknown said...

OH MY GOD THIS IS SO WEIRD. I see him probably like 5 times a week in various places around town, and today I decided to google him when I saw him walking across Memorial Bridge.

The nordic blonde. So he's a fitness guru? On more than one occasion I've thought about pulling over and asking him what's up.

I think we should start some kind of sightings log. LOL.

Andy said...


Anonymous said...

The Blonde Nordic guy is a legend. I saw him this morning on Beach Drive, walking with his blond locks flowing. We've spotted him all over MD too & I've run past him many times on trails...wanted to ask him what's his story, but don't want to invade his space.